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j.p. - about my photography  

about  my photography   my photographs  are portrayals  of  a  moment in  time  -  nothing more and nothing  less.  they  are not snapshots.  this  already  suggests  too much  violence: snap  (like a  dog)  - shoot (like a soldier).  that's  not contained  at all in  the real situation  in  which  things  are created.  there is  no arranging  or  embellishing.  perhaps  there is  a  kind  of  tacit contract between  the people,  animals, landscapes  etc.  and  myself... .


there is  hopefully  still enough  respect (and  perhaps  a coy  serenity)  that make it  impossible  for  me to hubristically  intervene.  i  cannot elevate every  triviality  into  an  event,  for  instance.  after  all,  openness, spontaneity,  fun,  lapidary  speed  do  not constitute opposites  to  that, because precisely  in  such situations  concentration  and  accuracy  is  the most  important  thing for  me.  this  can happen anywhere.


i  don't  need a photo  studio.  what continues  to  interest  me  are  stills  from  a  (my)  film runs  and runs. single  frames  from  a  story   that  i  am  and  ("carefully")  direct,  and  which  i  can  also  take apart  and put back  together  again... . 


the photos  must  remain  free of  the lyrical, the symbolic  etc.!  i  much  prefer  what's  called  the trivial.  

i can  work with  that.  showing  a quality  that's  generally  overlooked.  for  me it's still about beauty  (in  all its  guises)  and  about  absorbing  something that hardly  anyone else  sees,  touches,  takes  away.  this  is not an explanation,  which  would  only  obfuscate; rather,  they  are parallel thoughts  (mental  leaps),  which probably  spring from  similar  roots.  


conversation  with  walter  stuller,  publisher  n.y.   

josef pausch, wien 1995